Iso Touch 86% Bag Protein

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Iso touch is a pure BIO blend of high quality Whey protein. It contains 86% of real protein with high biological value (BV). ISO TOUCH consists only of 85% Whey Isolate(WPI 95) + 10% hydrolized(WPH 86). This blend guarantees not only that you have more than 86% of real protein per scoop, but the satisfaction of less fat, cholesterol and lactose in every scoop.

  • 26g ISOLATE whey / scoop of 30g
  • 5,5g glutamine
  • 6,5g BCAA
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Serving size :1 scoop(30 g)  
Calories 115 kcal
Protein (Nx 6.38 dry base) 26g
of which Lactoferin 1%
   Immunoglobulins 2%
   Bovine Serum Albumin 3%
   Beta-Lactoglobulin 51%
   Alpha-Lactalbumin 21%
   Glyco Macro Peptide 22%
Carbohydrates complex 1,4g
Fat 0,74g
   Trans Fat 0g
per serving (*RI)/serving per serving (*RI)/serving
Calcium 330mg 41% Vitamin B6 0,6mg 30%
Magnesium 90mg 30% Vitamin B1 0,42mg 30%
Vitamin C 18mg 30% Vitamin B12 0,3mg 30%


Ingedients: ISO TOUCH blend consists of 85% WPIsolate95% + 10% WPHydrolysate 86%, EnzyBlend (protease, lactase, lipase), Natural flavoring(*), stevioglycosides, sucralose (less than 0,005%), sunflower lecithin, ascorbic acid. *All flavors include 3% real parts of chocolate, Vanilla & Cocoa Madagascar, waffle, nuts, cookies etc. flavor dependable

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Vanilla, Belgian Choco, Chocolate with Hazelnuts, Milk Choco Tanzania, Dark Choco Santo Domingo, Dark Choco Santo Cuba


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